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Atlanta United


Atlanta United

Unity Kit
Atlanta United faced the challenge of potential backlash for dropping their special third kit during Juneteenth called the Unity Kit. However, the release of the jersey did not have to conflict with the sentiments of the holiday. Rather than commercializing a celebration of freedom and cultural pride, we could help Atlanta United hone in on the meaning of the Unity Kit and celebrate the release in a way that also celebrates and gives back to the Black Atlanta community.

"The Village Market, Refuge Coffee, Forever Family, the Partnership for Southern Equity, and Common Good Atlanta will each receive $30,000 in donations from American Family Insurance.

In a continued effort to support the city of Atlanta and the state of Georgia through the sport of soccer, net proceeds from Atlanta United Unity Kits sold in physical Team Store locations and the launch event will be re-invested directly into the community through the Atlanta United Foundation and the club’s multiple community relations initiatives."

Forest Kit
Atlanta United went green for their new season and needed language and stunts to help their marketing team churn out content throughout the season. So we provided a mantra for their internal team and activation and launch extensions for the release of their latest "green" kit.

"The Forest Kit serves as a symbol of the club’s commitment to environmental sustainability while paying tribute to Atlanta’s nickname of “a city in the forest.” The jersey's unveiling event also marked the start of Atlanta United’s partnership with non-profit group Trees Atlanta, which together they will plant up to 1,000 trees across the city."

"Keep it pushin’. Never stop."
Atlanta is our city.
Our hustle began here, in the shade of the peach trees.
From pitch to pavement.
From grit to glory.
From the top of every skyscraper to paths in every park.
Atlanta is the city in the forest.
We’re powered by it,
United within it.
Born from the ashes.
Baptized in the green.
This season we take on a new challenge:
We will protect the pitch, protect the A,
And protect our forest.
This is the city that raised us. The city we fight for.
This is the city in the forest.

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