Replay and Rewind Records is a music, entertainment, and public scholarship organization that works towards nourishing the heart and mind, empathizing our human experiences, and finding creative ways for us all to vibe together in harmony.

The organization functions within the following four branches:

Independent Artist Label

Replay and Rewind Records was first established for the independent artist to take control of their own own creative journey while offering a network for professionalization and mentorship. We pledge to make navigating the industry more accessible via providing mentoring as well as traditional services such as A&R, In-House Production, Branding, and Publishing.​

Work-for-Hire/Collaboration Lab

Our network of affiliated talent is at your services for professionals seeking​

  • ​session singers/players

  • producers and arrangers

  • lyric writers and top liners

  • models and actors

All inquiries are reviewed for quality to uphold the integrity of our company and our affiliated talent. While rates vary, quotes shall be provided promptly upon consultation.​

Online Private Lessons

We currently provide affordable lessons in voice, songwriting, and professional development with our founder and senior artist LAVAHI. More information can be found at Lessons with LAVAHI.

​Positive Impact Partnership

Replay and Rewind Records also partners with other visionary organizations in music, entertainment, and education to revolutionize industry as community.

If you are interested in collaborating with us or becoming part of our family, please connect with us!