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Replay and Rewind Records is a music, entertainment, and public scholarship organization that works towards edifying the heart and mind, empathizing our human experiences, and making memorable musical moments for us to live, learn, and love in harmony.

As a multi-dimensional entertainment company, we support both artists and venues in cultivating creativity and cathartic sensory experiences.

  • We believe that genuine relationship is essential to a thriving artist community and performance scene; we underwrite our commitment to the development, maintenance, and advancement of this environment via fostering, maintaining, and growing business and artistic networks on local, national, and international levels.

  • We believe that art is labor and foreground professionalism and business acumen in how we approach music business. We respect ourselves and our clients in balancing purpose and entertainment with profit and enterprise.

  • We affirm the Spirit. We are Femme-forward. and Woman-owned. We are Black-owned and in community with our global family of color. We are Queer-owned and assert that love always wins. We will not compromise our values for your business. Straight like that.

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